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whatever happened to chess?

Well gang as you have probably noticed there is not a lot going on here at my site. I have been playing chess but not OTB. My work schedule just doesn’t allow for a lot of chess study/play. G15/10 has been my new staple over at, this is the best I can manage right now.

My study routine has been primarily doing tactics from Chess Tactics Level 1 on the Peshka software. I follow that up with going over my chess square flashcards (one side has a square the other the color of said square) I then do 10 – 1 minute capture drills on Fritz. I then play a G15/10 (15 minutes with a 10 second increment), or I try to hit up a 15/10 tourney on once a week, I then analyze my game(s).

Unfortunately this is all I have time for. If I take any more time to study it eats into my game time, and I simply can’t bear to play any less than I am now. As it is I only play 1 – 6 games a week. This is a sorry state of affairs. I am sure that I should change my repertoire to 1.d4 but I couldn’t bear to use so much study time on an opening repertoire.

I have been able to simplify my repertoire so I play a lot of KIA’s against non- 1…e5 and 1…c5 responses. It makes my life a bit simpler and I am beginning to get the hang of these positions, so I am still learning, just wish I could do more.

Against my nemesis the Sicilian I have taken up the Closes Sicilian. This has actually been a blessing, I don’t get into a theoretical mess and I generally understand what it is I should be doing, not the most exciting option, but it keeps me from spending too much time on opening study.

Here is a recent Closed Sicilian I played, it was the final round of a G15/10 tourney on, my opponent and I were both undefeated until that point.

The game is HERE.

Well I made some not opening mistakes and it cost me, but overall I had a sense of how to play the opening.

I have been able to slowly work my way through The King in Jeopardy, I must say so far this book has been a disappointment. I don’t feel that I am absorbing much information from this book, and it is generally vague, the solutions are literally 10 plus moves long and I’m not sure most class C and B players would be able to figure these out OTB. Don’t get me wrong the examples and puzzles are interesting but I would take the simpler route in 80% of the positions in the book, and not waste precious clock time on an obscure position some 8 – 10 moves down the line. Remember most of us mortals play at reduced time controls.

Well that’s about it, I haven’t forgotten about chess or abandoned it, I have merely given it a much smaller part of my time due to life, family, work etc…

Have a good week folks.

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